Team Members

This is a list of our team members:

K7JA, Chip

CW is faster than texting!!!

Chip comes to us from SoCal but don't hold that against him.  He helped prove to the world on national TV that good old fashion CW was faster than cellphone texting. 

Thank you, Chip!


KL7MF, Janet


Saint Janet

What else can I say, she has been putting up with Chip for a very long time and still has ALL her hair.


W1HIJ, Bill and KF6SGV, Emily 

Super Bill

Faster than a fading band opening, More powerful than an Alpha Amp, Able to copy fast code in a single transmission, Look... using those paddles, It's SUPER BILL.  (I don't know how that Yaesu hat wound up in this pic)

Saint Emily

She puts up with Bill and they drive together all the way from SoCal.  Emily is also a pretty darn good cook.

WY7LL, Leo

Lightning Leo.

A ham could ask for no better a friend than Leo.  (but you would have to ask his wife why he is called "Lightning" Leo)

WY7ML, Chris

Saint Chris

Chris CERTAINLY deserves the title "Saint".  She puts up with Lightning Leo.  Chris is also the supplier of the contest pellets.

W7ETR, Tom

Wing Man

Tom comes to us from Four Corners, WY.  To get to Four Corners, drive to the middle of No Where, go three more miles then stop and look for the "V-Beams" 

K7RE, Brian

Digi Brian

Brian loves the digital modes.  He is always good for the SD multiplier in a RTTY contest.  He can also CW with the best of them.  I am not sure he knows how to use the PTT.

KD7GLY, Joanna

Saint Joanna

Joanna supports Brian in a way that reeks of true support.  At hamfests, she watches Brian's swap table while he trolls for that particular goodie about the other tables.  What a dear you have Brian.


KF7QYA, Conrad


The Mad Scientist

Pinky: Gee Brain, what do you want to do tonight? Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world.

At 17, Conrad is the youngest of our band of marauders.  Don't hold that against him.  As far as I know, he is the only one of us that dabbles in cold fusion.

KO7X, Alan

Our WY Multiplier

That's right, during a contest, we WY contesters need to work WY just like the rest of you.  During most contests, Alan is our multiplier and we are his.  I am glad he is coming up to work with us for this year's Field Day.


K7MZY, Eileen

Saint Eileen

Eileen is pictured here in her Marine Corps uniform.  First... Thank you for your service.  Your efforts combined with the rest of our uniformed services have kept this nation free to enjoy things like Field Day.

The rest us will now have to be on our toes.  Once a Marine, ALWAYS a Marine.  I hear she makes Alan do it, do it again and keep doing it till he gets it right

WY7KRA, Katie

Saint Katie

Katie.... Well, What can I say?  She Married me!  That in itself should earn her Saint status.  Then she let me convert her to a Parrot-Head.


WY7FD, Dwayne

The Field Day Maniac

On the Diamond Club Terrace at ARRL Headquarters, there are two consecutive bricks that say "Field Day is not a matter of life and death, it is much more important.